A Bloody Chance:

Objective:  Report to Vilkynn


Vilkynn is in the pvp warcamp just south of the camp you are currently in. (Where you get the quest that is)


A Norse Bargain:

Objective: Free Werner (0/1), Open lockbox (0/1)


To free Werner, right click on the cage he is trapped in, that will open it and set him free. The Lockbox is actually quite a ways away from here.  It is east from the warcamp, at the easy PQ titled “Pillage and Plunder.”   The lockbox is actually nowhere near the fighting in the PQ.   It’s just north west of the treasure chest on the map lying against a tree at around 53.7, 7.3.  To open the chest, right click on it.


A Norse Bargain, Part 2:

Objective:  Speak to Brayr Grimsen.


Brayr is back at the chapter 3 camp, near a house.   Right click on him and talk to him to complete the quest.


A Sampling of Sorrow:

Objective: Tainted Blood Samples (0/6)


The place to get the Blood Samples is actually North in Norsca.  Head north and you off of the road you will come upon "Diseased Nordlander"  Kill 6 of these in the red shaded area on your map, and then return to Erik Puttkamer.




Assist the Daemoncaller:

Objective:  Report to Kaltira the Daemoncaller


After getting the quest, head north east until you approach a graveyard.  Kaltira is against a building at the bottom of the graveyard, opposite the door of the crypt.  She is a Magus.



Objective: Thorshafn Citizens (0/5)


Go across the bridge in the town, and kill enemies with the name of Thorshafn citizen.  After 5 are killed, return to Virixa Darkwhisper.



Blood of our Enemies, The:

Objective: Blood on Your Hands (0/1)


All you need to do to get Blood on Your Hands is to go east to the Macabre Fervor PQ and kill just one flagellant.  Once you do that, return to Sythlyn the Marked to complete the quest.



Blood of our Enemies, The, Part 2:

Objective: Defeated Soul (0/1)


To get a Defeated Soul, you must head a bit south of the camp down the road until you come upon a group of empire tents.  You need to find Sargeant Barmethul amongst the enemies.  He is in front of a burnt house at about 45.6, 6.6. Once killed, return to Sythlyn the Marked to complete quest.


Blood of our Enemies, The, Part 3:

Objective: Finest of the Spoils (0/1), Flesh of an Innocent (0/1), Offering Made (0/1)


The Finest of Spoils and Flesh of an Innocent are at the Pillage and Plunder PQ.  The "Finest of Spoils" is in a chest on the platform surrounding the windmill in a box called "Box of Spoils."  To receive the Flesh of an Innocent, simply kill a Nordland Miller around the windmill.  Once you have the first two objectives, return to the warcamp and near the middle there is a giant pile of sticks called Sacred Pyre.  Right click on that to complete "Offering Made."  Once that is done return to Sythlyn the Marked to complete the quest.



Brayr the Scarred:

Objective:  Ragehide’s beating heart (0/1)


Ragehide is far east in the mountains. At 62.4, 4.2.  He is Bright white and surrounded by small wolves. When you kill him you will receive the heart.  Go back to the NPC who gave you the quest to complete.


Cries of Doom:

Objective: Flagellants (0/8)


The Flagellants are at the Macabre Fervor PQ North East of the chapter 3 camp you got the quest at, simply kill 8 of the flagellants here then return to the NPC where you got the quest.



Daemonic Strength:

Objective:  Dwarfen Gyrocopters (0/2)


East of the Seer Thaena are some Hellfire Cannons.  Right click on these and use the aiming system to shoot down the gyrocopters in the distance.  Once you have destroyed 2 gyrocopters, head down the hill south west to the Eidolon.



Dark Fate:

Objective:  Bones of the Dead (0/4)



Bones of the Dead refers to killing the restless dead to the north-east of where you are on the map when you get the quest.  They are spread out amongst the tombstones. Kill 4 of them to complete the objective.



Dark One, The:

Objectives: Felhorn Gor (0/3) Braewold’s head (0/1) Mount head (0/1)


The area you need to go is directly east of you, felhorn gors are outside of the cave, braewold is inside the cave. Braewold is NOT a beastman, he is a cultist human.  The pike you place Braewold’s head on is just outside the entrance to the cave, you right click on it.


Dark One, The, Part 2:

Objectives:  Norse Picket (0/5) Norse Marauder (0/3)  Alvar’s Head (0/1) mount head (0/1)


Pickets and Marauders are around the small camp at 31.5, 42.4 called Skaldbjorn on the map.  Alvar also wander around this camp, he is a chosen.  The bloody pike you spike his head on is outside the main “gate.”  Alongside the main road.


Dark One, The,  Part 3:

Objective:  Return to Brandr the Grey.


Return the guy you first got the quest from, at the crossroads at 25.2,  41.0



Deadly Task:

Objective: Nordland Scout (0/5)


The place where the scouts are is south west from where you are, at a PQ on the map, there is a path near you littered with dead pigs,if you follow that path it will lead you right to the PQ where the scouts are.




Objective: Building’s Burned (0/2)


Across the bridge and in the town, there are little clickable stick piles called “Kindling.”  Right click on it will set buildings aflame.


Foul Works:

Objective: Charred Spores (0/7)


The charred spores are east of the warcamp.  They’re in a forest and they can be found just against trees. They are groups of mushrooms that glow.


Foul Works, Part 2:

Objective: Talk to Calgn Putritch


Calgn is far in the southern part of norsca, north west of the Suderholm PQ, he is at a crossroads between the two paths shown on the map at about 25.1 42.2.


Foul Works, Part 3:

Objective: Cluster of Stench (0/1), Watchtower Defenders (0/5)


The tower that you need to go to is on your map as Watchtower of Selthis Lysk.  It is at 34.5, 50.6.  Once you get to the tower press B so it opens your backpack, then go to the quest tab, and right click on Cluster of Stench.  This will weaken the defenders around the tower, letting you easily kill them.


Eager, The:

Objective: Find the Power Hungry Villager


The power Hungry villager is WEST of the Suderholm PQ.  In a clearing with trees and rocks (burnt trees).  The Power Hungry villager wanders around the area at 18.2, 49.9


Eager, The, Part 2:

Objective: Destitute Villagers (0/7)


The Destitute villagers are West of Power Hungry Villager, they can be found just walking around, near trees, or in their makeshift shelters.  Once 7 are killed, return not to the power hungry villager, but the warcamp.


Granther's Lucky Hammer:

Objective: Granther's Lucky Hammer (0/1) (What a creative quest title by Mythic, right?)


Directly West of the windmill you get this quest at is a cave called Grimmenhagen Barrows.  Work your way through the Barrows, then at the very back on the last room there is a clickable coffin called "Granther's Coffin."  Right click on this to get his hammer, then return to the dwarf Alrin Bitterstone at the coordinates 23.5, 46.4.  Talking to him will complete the quest.


Grey Lady Coaching Inn, The:

Objective: Deliver to Esbern Weaver


The Grey Lady Coaching in is far north, and marks the start of chapter 2 of the empire storyline.Esbern is in the middle of the town, right click on him to talk to him and to complete the quest.






Grimmenhagen Burning:

Objective: Villagers Freed (0/3), Marauder Torchbearers killed (0/3)


The houses surrounding Lanric (the guy where you got the quest) are guarded by the Marauder Torchbearers, once you kill a torchbearer, right click on the door of the house to free a villager. Return to Lanric once you get all 3 marauders killed, and all 3 villagers freed. Talk to him to complete the quest.



Heart of Battle, The:

Objective:  Ancestral Chronicle (0/1) Awakened Spirits Killed (0/3)


When you get this quest, go north west through the graveyard until you reach the crypt gate, open that and navigate your way to the bottom of the crypt (the Awakened spirits are there, you just need to attack them) At the bottom there is a room with pillars lining the room, go to the end of this room and the ancestral chronicle is on a table, right click on it, and return to Kaltira to complete the quest.


Horrors of War:

Objective: Cowering Militiamen (0/5), Raven Marauders (0/5)


Both the militiamen and the marauders are north of the camp, right above a major landmark called Grimmenhagen windmill at 23.1, 40.3.  Cowering Militiamen are cowering against trees, bushes, and what not.  The marauders are north of wherever you find the militiamen. once your objectives are complete, head to the windmill, and there is a man under there named Sargeant Westwood.  Right click on him to end the quest.




Into the Fire:

Objective: Speak with Lanric


Lanric is west of Samuel Twitty, he is kneeling on the ground tending to a wounded villager,  with a warhound right next to him.  Right click on him to talk to him to complete the quest.




March On:

Objective: Speak to Authun Skandsen


Authun is in the next chapter warcamp, just follow the road south down to chapter 4.  (It's highlighted red on your map, when you press M)




Objective: Item of Power found


The item of power is in the woods to the east of the warcamp where you got the quest.  Right click on the corpse cart at 40.5, 31.7.  You will receive the item of power and it is in your quest tab in your backpack.  Right click on it.  “Crawling Doll”


Marked, Part 2:

Objective: Report to Surtsen the Deceiver


Just head back to the NPC who gave you the quest and talk to him, that will complete the quest for you.


Marked, Part 3:

Objective: Speak with Brakr Thornblade


Brakr isn’t in norsca, you need to go south into nordland in the chapter 3 warcamp to talk to him. Once you do talk to him, you complete the quest.


Marked, Part 4:

Objective: Souls Captured (0/8)


The 'souls' you need to capture, are at the wilds of war PQ north of the chapter 4 warcamp.  To get the souls, you must kill enemies named "Wild Huntsman."  When you kill them, a blue named ghost appears named Defeated Soul.  Right click on it to capture the soul.  As soon as 8 are captured return to Brakr Thornedblade.


Marked, Part 5:

Objective: Speak with Konrad Schulman


Konrad is far far down south right outside a smugglers tunnel at 51.2, 47.7.  Speak to him to complete quest.


Murder Wood:

Objective: Sets of Beastman Horns (0/3)


The place where you are supposed to go is around 38.9, 36.7. It is surrounded by mountains except for one little entrance.  There is a small pond in the middle, although it's not likely you'll make it that far.  Just kill 3 of any beastmen you see, and it will give you credit.  Once killed, return to Ulfred to complete the quest.




New Recruits:

Objective: Speak with Samuel Twitty

Samuel Twitty is at the tent near where you get this quest, he is outside of it.  He is a knight of the blazing sun, talk to him to complete the quest.



None Shall Escape:

Objective: Speak with Surtsen the Deceiver.


Surtsen is in the warcamp SOUTH of the town across the bridge, to get to it you must cross another bridge. Surtsen is near the entrance to this warcamp.



Nowhere to Hide:

Objective: Speak with Thrall Master Ogorn


Thrall Master Ogorn is behind all the fighting at the Destruction of the Weak PQ to the west of you.  He is with a group of Raven Thralls, he is a Marauder.


Nowhere to Hide, Part 2:

Objective:  Refugee Fighters (0/8)


Refugee fighters are at the PQ Destruction of the weak, just down the hill from Thrall Master Ogorn. Refugee Spearmen and Refugee Handgunners both give credit to killing Refugee Fighters.




Objective: Secured Chest (0/1)


Cross the bridge and almost as soon as you cross the bridge turn left, the chest is amongst those two houses. The Coordinates  are around 36.6k, 14.6k. Once you find “Secured chest” right click on it and return to the Eidolon.


Promise of Power:

Objective: Participate in the Ruinous Power’s Public Quest


The public quest is south east through the town, if you click on the map it will appear as a treasure chest.  Complete this (You often need a group) and return. Then return to The Eidolon.


Return Fire:

Objective: Raven Hellcannons (0/2)


Head north west of where you get the quest, and there is a hill with Empire Cannons on it, (Coordinates are 20.6, 48.9) Right click on one of them, and aim down at the cannons in the distance, simply click on them to shoot them, once two are destroyed, behind you there is the NPC named Cuthbert to end the quest.  Right click on him to talk to him to end the quest.


Sacking of Nordland:

Objective: Windmill Burnt (0/1), Mead (0/1), Spices (0/1)


You need to visit 3 different locations for this PQ, when you get the quest, go east into the Macabre Fervor PQ, in this area you will find the Spices.  It is directly almost on the chest on the map. Behind the cages in this PQ, it is in a sack.

The second location is just south east of Macabre Fervor.  It is at another PQ, Pillage and Plunder.  The Windmill you need to burn is here, and again the kindling is almost exactly on the chest on the map.  It is just about a few steps to get on the platform surrounding the windmill.  It is a pile of sticks (that are oddly enough, already on fire, unless my game is just bugging)  right click on that, and it will burn the windmill.


  The Last location is south of Pillage and Plunder PQ, it is here you will find the Mead.  It is not near any of the tents in this area, rather it is near the fireplace.  It is in a tiny barrel-like container at 55.2, 15.6.

Once you get all the objectives, return to Sythlyn the Marked (Where you got the quest) and talk to him to complete the quest.


Silencing the Cannons:

Objective: Raven Hellservants (0/3), Raven Hellfangs, (0/3), Raven Hellmagus (0/1)


All of the servants, fangs, and maguses are across from the cannons on that hill, west of where you get the quest.  They are generally spread out.  The magus is usually found behind one of the hellcannons, the fangs are usually found at the sides and are zealots, and the servants are marauders who are spread out amongst the area. Return to Cuthbert once you have all objectives done.


Supply Lines:

Objective: Participate in Raven Host Vanguard


The Raven Host Vanguard is a PQ east and slightly north of where you get this quest.  It is a treasure chest on the map, it is the first PQ for the empire storyline.  Simply complete this PQ (It is preferred to complete it with a party) and go south to the chapter one camp and speak to a guy named viktor riese to complete the quest.



Training Course: (NOTE: There are TWO quests named Training Course, one for empire, one for chaos)

Objective: 1Train with Oskar Hredricson , 2Speak with Elsa Schmidt.


1Oskar is just east of Kaltira, follow the path to a chaos tent. Oskar is under that tent.  Once trained, right click on the npc next to Oskar. (Seer Thaena), 2Elsa is east of Lanric (where you get the quest), she has an arrow target above her head (as all trainers do). Right click on her, then speak to Viktor Riese who is standing right next to her, to complete the quest.




True Test, The:

Objective:  Captain Von Wilke (0/1) Tower Guard (0/3)


The tower is east of the warcamp, at 44, 13.1.  Captain Von Wilke is inside the tower with the tower guards surrounding it, Von Wilke has a 2-5 minute respawn timer for each time he is killed, he is on the bottom floor.  Whoever hits him first gets the kill credit.


Urgent Orders:

Objective: Report to Alrin Bitterstone

 Alrin is north of the NPC where you get the quest The coordinates where he is are at 23.3, 46.1.  Right click on him to talk to him to complete the quest, he is a dwarf.


Wicked Things:

Objective: Vorque’s Sackbag (0/1)


Vorque’s sackbag is just up the stairs of where you find vorque. It blinks so it should be easier to find.  Right click on it, and return to Vorque.


Wolves Among the Sheep:

Objective: Marauders (0/3)


The Marauders are east of Samuel Twitty, often found fighting Griffon Strikers, if not just wandering.  Kill 3, and then return to samuel twitty and talk to him to complete the quest.


Worthy Battle:

Objective: Find Valtar the Slaughterer


One of the trickiest quests in the game.  The silly quest gives you the image that Valtar the Slaughterer is hiding amongst the villagers in the town.  When in truth, he is dead on the road on the way to the village at 48, 53.8 (about). He has an axe in his back as he’s on the ground dead.


Worthy Battle, Part 2:

Objective:  Severed Villager’s head (0/8)


Go to the village down the road a bit from valtar the slaughterer at about 49.2, 59.8.  Kill 8.  Go south into Nordland in the Chaos chapter 3 camp is the NPC you turn it in to to finish the quest.


Worthy Battle, Part 3:

 Objective:  Nordland Millers (0/5)


The Millers are South-East at the Pillage and Plunder PQ (the one with the giant windmill), kill the 5 you need and return to Brakr Thornedblade to complete quest.


Worthy Battle, Part 4:

 Objective: Vengeful Peasants (0/8), Citizen Militia (0/4)


The Peasants and the Militia are south and a bit east of the camp where you get this quest, it is a small unmarked camp that has more than just peasant and militia NPCs, the peasants and militia are a bit in the back around 46.5, 6.5. After killing them (it may take awhile since I couldn't find the NPCs often) return to the warcamp and talk to Brakr Thornedblade to complete quest.


Worthy Battle, Part 5:

Objective: Isolde the Defender's Hand (0/1)


Isolde is at the Wilds of War PQ far East of the warcamp, She wanders around the PQ, but I notice she is mostly found almost directly on top of the chest on the map.  Once killed, return to Brakr Thornblade for quest completion.