The Picture to the left is showing you where the map coordinates are on your map.  I will be using those two numbers to tell you where things are. The picture's certain coordinate is 54.7, 9.6.  (Five #s get xx.x, while four #s get x.x, if that makes sense) 

All Coordinates are not an exact, but more of "it is around here", although I do try to get it as close to correct as possible. 

54.7, 9.6 in nordland happens to be Pillage and Plunder PQ for destro. 


This second Picture I will show you what a PQ on a map looks like, and some specifics you need that I may mention in one of the quest guides.

It's just a little Treasure Chest that is open on the map.

The line in Blue the name of the quest,

The line in red is the difficulty of the PQ.

The Line in green is the recommended rank for the PQ.






Terminology (not alphabetical order):

PQ=Public Quest

DoK=Disciple of Khaine

WP=Warrior Priest




SH=Squig Herder

SW=Shadow Warrior

IC=Inevitable City



BW=Bright Wizard

BO=Black Orc, Battle Objective

WH=Witch Hunter, Warhammer

WE=Witch Elf



RP=Rune Priest


WL=White Lion

KotBS=Knight of the Blazing Sun